Thursday, January 9, 2014

All about Jaida at school this week

This week was all about Jaida at Preschool. I want this little beauty to stop growing. She is such a good girl. I honestly don't deserve her. She is loving preschool, learning about something new everyday. Her teacher says that she is HILARIOUS! hmmm, wonder where that comes from. She says that Jaida says the funniest things, I believe it! If you didn't know our family and heard Jaida talking. I would probably think the same thing. The next day we passed out cheetos for her classroom treat, we of course saved the hot cheetos for her. Weird that kids like those! And then the next day she brought a book for her teacher to read to her class. I love you Jaida! Thanks for letting mommy make this poster for you.

Changing with the New Year

Hello 2014! If you would have asked me 5 years ago where I wanted to be today, I would have described exactly where we are today. Finished with school, 3 kids, steady jobs. But I would have forgotten, broke, stressed, busy, tired, and did I say stressed? I guess that all comes along with everything I wanted. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change anything but I didn't realize what it would take to get what we wanted. Now that all our hard work it all over, I am now realizing, well it's NOT! And it never will be. I read an article a few weeks ago about being a mom and adapting to the craziness that comes along with it. The author was saying that no matter how stressed you are and how hard your life gets, it never gets easier. You are still going to have to cook dinner, clean the house, do laundry, work 13 hours shifts, come home not to rest, but to bath the kids, get them into their jammies, brush their teeth, read a book, and right before you fall  asleep, you have to change the bed sheets and bath your little one again because she just peed the bed. Your work load as a mom never changes. Instead, YOU DO! You learn to let things go that mattered in the past, things like a clean house, clean kids, organized drawers, changing bed sheets, blogging, talking to your mom on the phone, taking pictures of your kids, and having friends. 
All that doesn't matter anymore. 
Because as your life begins to change, you do too.  
I am in the middle of all that. Now that I am home a lot more, and have more kids then I did before I started school, I am realizing that I need to change. 
It is my new years resolution to CHANGE! I need to accept the responsibility and duties that come along with having what I wanted 5 years ago. Because I know that if I wasn't where I am today in my life, I would want to be where I am NOW. 
Here's to bringing in a New Year with a focus on growing as a mom! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yes I can...

I miss blogging so much! I'm mad that at myself for not documenting everything that we've been up to for the past 7 months. But all I can do is start here and now...
Since January my number one priority has been school. I mainly wanted to prove to myself what my capabilities were. I've never given a semester my ALL until this semester, and I'm proud to say, that I pulled straight A's and ended the semester with not only an associates degree, but a 3.8 GPA.
Just by doing this, I really boosted my confidence in what I, Tala Motuliki, am capable of. Yes I can do ANYTHING that I put my whole heart and soul into. Yes I can go to school while being pregnant, work part-time, be a full time mommy and wife. Yes I can! Whether it be something spiritual, emotional, physical... I CAN DO IT!!! And YOU can too! You just have to find your motivation.
My motivation is my family, Kel and Jaida. I have to finish school, its NOT an option to drop out. Once I had Jaida, I realized how important and precious my time with my family is to me and I decided that I was no longer going to waste mine and their time. If I was going to take time away from them and go to school and do homework, then I was going to make it somewhat worth my time. And that's where my motivation came from. Now, I start Nursing school in August, get a nursing licence in a little under a year and get my RN licence a year after that. I owe it all to my two babies...Kel and Jaida.
I fell very blessed to of had the support of my husband Kel. Theres no way I could have done this without him, he has sacrificed just as much, if not more, as I have in my academic endeavors. And I honestly owe all my success to him. He deserved to graduate with me, with a degree in supporting me in my education. Thank u babe! I love you so much!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mission Complete: keep doors locked

I have a horrible habit of leaving my doors unlocked. It never bugged me til recently, but you will NEVER again catch me with an unlocked door...

The other night while Kel was at work, Brianna and I had a few things keeping us busy here at home. Jaida was watching TV (our favorite nanny), I was taking a test on the computer, Brianna was coloring her friends hair, and both our backs were turned to Jaida when all the sudden the front door SLAMS. This door slam gave me the SCARIEST feeling I've EVER felt in my entire life, we knew that Jaida could not have slammed the door that hard. We both looked back to where Jaida was sitting, and she was GONE.
No where in sight.
But as soon as that door slammed me and Brianna flew to the door. It seemed like we had an eternity to feel what our life would be like if she were to be kidnapped. It was truly an outer body experience. When Brianna opened the door, there was KEL, holding Jaida and laughing his head off. Relief. Me and Brianna could not hold back our tears. Our bodies were in shock and we were shaking and crying uncontrollably. It took us a good 5 minutes to calm down. Hes such a PUNK!!!! I punched him so hard, Im suprised Brianna didnt beat him up. He was telling us after that he was going to take her, put her in the car, and go for a drive. UGH! Could you imagine that? I probably would have shot him in the face.
This was a scary experience, but in it I learned a very valuable lesson... KEEP THE DAMN DOORS LOCKED! Kel always tells me this but I never worried about it, until now. I can't stop thinking about what would have happened if it were real. I'm just thankful we've never had anything like that happen in our lives.

This is what our door looks like now...
No one gets out and no one comes in.